Expert Author Rebecca Shelly

The Best UTI or urinary tract infection treatment for cats starts with urinary tract health. How do you help your cat achieve a healthy bladder and kidneys? If your cat doesn't have kidney or bladder stones (struvite and oxalate) or an obstruction in the urethra, parasites or a metabolic illness, then it may be safe to assume the cause of urinary tract problems could be from diet.

Symptoms of a UTI appear rapidly with certain behaviors such as peeing often, not using the litter box (behavioral problems sometimes cause this), meowing as if in pain or not knowing what to do because of the discomfort, licking their urethral opening after trying to pee because it is irritated, drinking more water than usual, and sleeping more. Cats that don't feel well tend to hide or sleep continuously.

The best diet for cats and hence the best UTI treatment for your cat is to always make sure he or she has plenty of fresh water available at all times. The urinary system does the hard work of filtering out waste products and water flushes the "system" free of bacteria that virtually cling to the bladder walls and also helps your cat avoid dehydration, which further irritates the bladder. Cats should get most of their moisture from the food they eat; this is their natural diet from years of being in the wild.

Cats are meat eaters and should not be feed dry cat food. It contains many products that are not only unhealthy for your cat but can cause many other health problems in the future including diabetes. Meat should be the number one ingredient on the can. There are many fine products available and they don't have to be bought at the vet's office. Fancy Feast is available at any store and has high meat content; the first three ingredients (not just the first one) listed on the can are fish or meat.

Cats, as you know, are very fastidious and do not like an unclean litter box. My cats actually wait around in the morning for me to empty their litter box so they can use it after breakfast. Also they love to have plenty of privacy to go potty and prefer unscented litter, it's also a good idea to have an extra litter box located somewhere else in the home. If the box is not cleaned often, bacteria can accumulate to the point that contact with the litter will contaminate their urethra opening causing infections.

Some of the best UTI treatments for cats are the homeopathic remedies which can improve not only bladder health, but urinary tract health as a whole. These remedies combined with a healthy diet can quiet bladder distress to stop frequent urination, plus boost the immune system for overall health. Homeopathic remedies for our animals are safe and effective and do not have any side effects.


Expert Author Rebecca Shelly

There are many feline herbal supplements on the market but the tricky part is deciding exactly what the supplement is going to achieve? Will this supplement be for general health, or a specific ailment such as a urinary tract infection, diabetes, energy, immune system function or for general health? You can even find supplements for your pets stress and aggression! The choice is overwhelming.

If you are buying a feline herbal supplement for general health or, if your cat is ill, your mind will be put at ease because there are no side effects with a true natural feline supplement. Also, the dosages are designed in therapeutic amounts for pets taking the guesswork out for you. On the other hand if your cat is using prescription medications and eating a deficient diet there can be side effects, but the startling fact is that health care professionals and animal breeders alike are exposed to hundreds or thousands of animals during their careers and they have seen how diet, the overuse of antibiotics and vaccinations have not helped decrease certain diseases, but how they have increased chronic health conditions. That's pretty much mimicking the medical problems facing humanity, which are mainly due to diet, exercise and over medication. In a sense, we are doing to our pets what we are doing to ourselves.

Yearly vaccinations and cat foods filled with unnatural products that animals are not meant to eat are the main cause of increasing rates of chronic illness in our pets according to many holistic veterinarians who are now switching to feline natural supplements, none or less vaccinations, and a more natural diet that cats have eaten before commercial products took over the market.

Most feline herbal supplements made for pets can be used alone or with prescription medications but always check to be safe. Homeopathic supplements can replace the need for harsh drugs and have shown to be just as effective. Prevention is always better of course, using feline supplements along with diet and exercise can save hundreds, thousands of dollars down the road when many illnesses start to surface.

Whether you are looking for feline herbal supplements or any type of natural supplement for your cat either in sickness or health it can be an added benefit for a long and healthy life, with less vet visits and also less anxiety and worry for you.

Expert Author Rebecca Shelly

There is an important question that you must ask yourself; why is my cat having urinary tract infections? It is even more important to ask this question if your cat is having repeated urinary tract infections or cystitis, especially after a round of antibiotics. The main reason why this could be happening is because the root of the problem is not being addressed by the veterinarian.

This guide for treating UTI in cats will help cover the reasons cats have UTIs, the conventional and the alternative treatments that can help, plus, how to finally get rid of UTI's once and for all.

What Can Cause UTI's in Cats

--Kidney stones

--Bladder stones (Struvite and Oxalate)

--Some type of obstruction, other than bladder stones


--Metabolic illnesses

--Bacteria, especially e coli contamination

Symptoms of UTI's

--Urinating often

--Not using the litter box

--Meowing in pain

--Licking the urethral opening trying to soothe the pain

--Drinking an above average amount of liquids and not urinating as much

--Sleeping or hiding more

Treating UTI in Cats, the Conventional Treatment

If none of the above listed causes for a bladder infection or cystitis is found, the conventional treatment is to administer antibiotics, creating a vicious cycle. Other than not working to eliminate the root problem, antibiotics are harsh and your cat can develop a resistance to them, so when the medicine is needed for an injury or more serious infection they will not work.

Treating UTI in Cats, the Alternative Treatment

The alternative treatment on the other hand works to boost your cat's health including the immune system; it will strengthen the bladder and kidneys. The cat's whole body will improve and will be better equipped to fight off bacteria, thus eliminating UTI's once and for all.

Here's a list of things you can do to help treat UTI's using the alternative method of treatment for your cat:

--Always have fresh water available to help flush waste and bacteria out of kidneys and bladder.

--Don't feed dry cat food which dehydrates and can cause other health issues. It also has ingredients not meant to be eaten by animals, especially cats.

--Use high moisture, high protein (meat or fish) cat food.

--Offer a clean unscented litter box. Many times the scented products have ingredients that irritate their urethra opening. Also, bacteria in an unclean box can contribute to infections.

--Treating UTI in cats should also include a homeopathic remedy which works on the entire urinary system and to strengthen the immune system. An added plus is the fact that they are safe and very effective.

--D-mannose can also help to keep the e coli bacteria from clinging to the urinary tract walls. Try 1/8 tsp in 1 tsp water every couple of hours (or every hour if the symptoms are extreme) until the UTI symptoms settle down, and then give your cat 1/8 tsp in 1-2 tsp of water with every meal for 7 days to make sure the bacteria have been eliminated. If your cat is not urinating increase the water to 2 tablespoons. You can also give kitty a little D-mannose in the water bowl as a preventative measure once a week.

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